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As needed. Call us at 913-367-5561 for more information on upcoming meetings.

The Airport Advisory Committee is an advisory body that assists Public Works through guidance on airport management, maintenance, and strategic planning. The committee acts in an advisory capacity to the City Commission on issues relating to the airport facility.

Serves Thru
Justin Bottorff 12-31-17
Kyle McElwain 12-31-18
Edward Black 12-31-18
Luke Jesnowski 12-31-19
Blaine Asay 12-31-19

The Airport Advisory Committee is focused on developing the Airport Master Plan, exploring potential for expanded operations and services, and pursuing airport marketing opportunities.

All meetings of the City Commission and its advisory boards, commissions, and committees are open, public meetings. In accordance with the Kansas Open Meetings Act (KOMA), all meetings will be announced publicly and an agenda available in a lawful timeframe prior to the meeting. Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

For more information on KOMA and KORA, visit the Kansas Attorney General's website.

The success of local government ultimately depends on the willingness of well-informed, engaged individuals to step into leadership roles to help advise or guide policy on city goals, operations, and resources.

Serving on an advisory committee is an excellent way to serve your community, become more involved and informed about your local government, and see if you're interested in the commitment to serve as a Governing Body member.

To find out about opportunities to serve on city advisory boards, contact City Clerk Deb Clem at 913-367-5506.

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