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If you're involved in one of the following professions, you must get a permit from the City Clerk in order to lawfully to do business in Atchison:

-          Taxi Cab Occupational License

-          Cereal Malt Beverage Vendor License

-          Occupational Liquor License

-          Bed & Breakfast License

-          Façade Sign Installation License

-          Towing Vendor License

-          Commercial Refuse Vendor License

-          Tree Trimmer License

-          Private Security License

-          Street Vendor License

-          Kennel License


Requirements vary. Let us help you secure a professional license at 913-367-5500 or


NOTE: If you're involved in the construction trades, our Community Development department is ready to help you secure a construction trades license.


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  • (913) 367-5500
  • (913) 367-3654
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