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The Safety Program is an incentive opportunity for City of Atchison employees to promote a safe and accident-free work environment. Each employee is personally accountable for his or her own safety success.
By contributing to an accident-free workplace, you help keep your insurance costs down, avoid the likelihood that you'll have to cover the workload of an injured co-worker, and be eligible for safety bonus pay.

For each accident-free/injury-free month, employees receive a $5.00 bonus. That's $60.00 extra each year. In addition, for twelve consecutive accident-free/injury-free months,employees receive a bonus up to $90.00 for a total possible safety bonus of $150.00.

Important Dates. The Safety Program runs from the first day of December through November 30th of the following year.

Special Conditions. If you've been employed for at least four months but less than twelve months, you will receive $5.00 extra pay for each accident-free month and a bonus of $45.00 if all your months of employment are accident-free.
If you've been employed less than three months, you'll receive $5.00 extra pay for each accident-free month only. If you leave City employment prior to November 30th, you forfeit your safety bonus for the year.

What is an "accident?" An accident is:

  • When an onsite injury causes lost time from work and/or requires a visit to the doctor, emergency room, or hospital either on the day the incident happened or at a future time but as a result of the worksite incident.
  • When you are responsible for injuring someone else that results in lost time from work or seeking medical attention, but may or may not have sustained injuries yourself.
  • When you are found liable for damage to a City vehicle or power driven equipment, even if you sustain no bodily injuries.
What should I do if I have an accident? Immediately report all accidents to your direct supervisor. Always, always, always complete an accident report, even if you do not plan to leave work or miss work because of the incident or the injury.
There is no penalty or strike against you for filling out an accident report, but it is tremendously important that Human Resources can document all accidents in the workplace, no matter how minor they seem to be at the time.

Failing to report an accident -- even if it seems no significant injuries occurred at the time and even if ultimately no one was seriously injured -- could also jeopardize your safety bonus.

Special Circumstances. For certain incidents, a Safety Committee meets to determine whether an incident counts against an employee's safety record. Special circumstances that are typically exempt include:

  • When an employee has received medical treatment because of exposure to poison ivy, oak, sumac, bee stings, or spider bites while at the workplace.
  • When an employee incident is a result of exposure to bloodbourne pathogen.
  • When an employee is involved in a vehicular accident in a City vehicle but the employee's medical bills were covered by the other party's insurance company.

Won't this discourage employees from seeking medical attention when they really need it? No. Throughout the years we've offered this program, it creates workplace safety awareness, reduces workplace accidents, and prevents abuse of the system for minor injuries without discouraging employees from seeking medical attention for legitimate injuries.

How does it do this? The safety bonus is enough of an incentive to discourage malingering and abuse of personnel policies for minor injuries, but not enough to discourage employees from seeking medical treatment for legitimate injuries and ailments.
Simply the buzz generated from offering an incentive bonus markets the program throughout our workforce and creates awareness of the safety culture that we value.
Other Information. This program is not automatically funded. The City Commission reviews this program on an annual basis to determine if funding is available and whether the success of the program warrants continued funding.
By helping to create a safety culture in the workplace, city employees have a direct impact on ensuring that this opportunity continues to be offered.

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