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What's the telephone number for the DMV?
Contact Atchison County at 913-367-3936.
What's the telephone number for the landfill?
Contact the Atchison County Solid Waste Transfer Station at 913-804-6005.
What's the telephone number for district court?
Contact Atchison County District Court at 913-804-6060.
Who do I call for a special trash pick-up?
Contact the our Public Works HelpLine at 913-367-5561.
Who do I call to file a nuisance complaint?
If the "nuisance" is an issue with someone not keeping up their property (like high weeds, abandoned house, junk cars, etc.) contact City Code Enforcement at 913-367-5560. If the nuisance is of a criminal nature (like a loud party, a threatening individual, etc.) call the Police non-emergency line at 913-367-4323.
Who do I contact about the flea markets?
Various individuals hold flea markets, neighborhood and community garage sales, etc. during the year. The City does not organize, coordinate, or otherwise sponsor any of them. Check out the Community Events calendar at for new events or contact the Chamber at 913/367-2427 if you're interested in organizing one.
Who do I contact about the St. Patrick's day Parade?
The St. Patrick's Day Parade is a privately-planned event that doesn't involve the City of Atchison directly. Responsibility for organizing the St. Patrick's Day Parade rotates each year to the winning family float from the previous year. Watch for news articles posted during February to announce information about this year's event.
Who do I contact about the High School Homecoming?
Contact USD 409 at 913-367-4384.
Where do I buy tickets for LakeFest or find out more information about it?
Contact the Chamber at 913-367-2427 or
Where do I buy tickets and get more information about a Haunted Trolley Tour?
Contact the Chamber at 913-367-2427 or
If the City shuts off my water and the pipes burst, isn't the City liable?
No. It is a customer's decision to establish water service and the customer's responsibility to pay for the service. If payment is not rendered for services used, the City is not responsible for maintaining service or what happens after service is disconnected to private property.
Is there a charge for refuse special pick-up?
No. Special pick-ups are provided as a courtesy to our customers, but scheduling may be limited at times. Call us today at 913-367-5561 to schedule your pick-up.
How do I know what day my trash gets picked-up?
Call us at 913-367-5561 with your address. We're happy to help. Check out the Solid Waste Collection division of our Public Works department for a route map, holiday collection schedule, and snow routes.
If sewer backs-up into my house, isn't the city responsible for the damage and/or replacing my line?
No. All problems that happen on your side of the line are definitely your responsibility. The City is only responsible for reasonably maintaining the public line up to the point at which it connects to your property. Even so, tree roots, main breaks, debris your neighbor threw down the storm sewer, these are all things outside of our control and responsibility. If you experience a problem with water or sewer service, call us at 913-367-5500. Our service crews will do an inspection and, if necessary, perform maintenance on the public main to correct the problem. If, however, the problem is occurring between the main and your house on your private line(s), then it is your responsibility to maintain, fix, or replace the line as the situation may be. Please note: You will need the services of a LICENSED contractor and/or plumber to make repairs. Tradesmen who are not licensed by the city are not lawfully allowed to do business in the community. Before you sign on the line, call our Community Development office at 913-367-5560 to see if your potential contractor is legit.
What are the hours when I can receive a noise violation ticket?
You can receive a noise ordinance violation ticket within the city limits of Atchison any time of day, such as: Any noise of continuous or intermittent nature which persists for a period of fifteen minutes and can be heard by any person outside the immediate premises from the location of the emitter may result in a noise ordinance violation. Night time limits for non-stationary noise (a machine or devise capable of being moved from place to place for occasional or temporary use at a given location. This includes all types of motorized vehicles) are from 11:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. Night time limits for fixed source noise (a machine or device capable of creating a noise level at the property upon which it is regularly located, or upon which it is regularly used, which projects onto another property; this includes, but is not limited to, air-conditioning apparatus, powered lawn mowers and chain saws) are from 9:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.
Is there a curfew for juveniles in Atchison?
Yes, it is unlawful for persons under the age of 15 to loiter on streets after 11 pm unless accompanied by their guardian.
Why is the City so tough about late penalties on utility bills?
For years, good customers who paid their bill on time had to subsidize the bad habits of those who continuously abused more lenient payment policies through higher rates. Today, we strictly and uniformly administer our policies because to do otherwise would be unfair to good customers who voluntarily do the right thing.
Why wasn't [a county road] plowed?
The City maintains city streets, i.e. those within our jurisdiction. The road you were driving on is a county road. If you've got a complaint about roads outside of the city, your best bet is to direct it to the organization responsible - Atchison County or KDOT. If you've got feedback on how we're doing with city streets, please let us know.
Results 1-18 of 18