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What's the telephone number for the landfill?
Contact the Atchison County Solid Waste Transfer Station at 913-804-6005.
Who do I call for a special trash pick-up?
Contact the our Public Works HelpLine at 913-367-5561.
Is there a charge for refuse special pick-up?
No. Special pick-ups are provided as a courtesy to our customers, but scheduling may be limited at times. Call us today at 913-367-5561 to schedule your pick-up.
Can I opt out of refuse service?
No. Residential refuse collection is a standard monthly fee. This service is mandatory; it is not optional.
How do I know what day my trash gets picked-up?
Call us at 913-367-5561 with your address. We're happy to help. Check out the Solid Waste Collection division of our Public Works department for a route map, holiday collection schedule, and snow routes.
Why wasn't [a county road] plowed?
The City maintains city streets, i.e. those within our jurisdiction. The road you were driving on is a county road. If you've got a complaint about roads outside of the city, your best bet is to direct it to the organization responsible - Atchison County or KDOT. If you've got feedback on how we're doing with city streets, please let us know.
Where can I get a hunting or fishing permit?
The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, & Toursim handles licenses and permits for hunting and fishing. The City has no involvement. To learn more, visit the KDWPT website at
Results 1-7 of 7