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Who do I call to file a nuisance complaint?
If the "nuisance" is an issue with someone not keeping up their property (like high weeds, abandoned house, junk cars, etc.) contact City Code Enforcement at 913-367-5560. If the nuisance is of a criminal nature (like a loud party, a threatening individual, etc.) call the Police non-emergency line at 913-367-4323.
How do I get a building permit?
Contact our Community Development Office at 913-360-2013.
Why does the City license construction trades people?
The City licenses electricians, gasfitters, and plumbers to ensure that they are licensed and credentialed to do these highly skilled jobs and are capable of completing the job they've committed to do for you. It's not an endorsement of their work, merely that they have met all the requirements of a legitimate business. Before you sign, contact our Community Development office at 913-367-5560 to see if your potential contractor is legit.
Results 1-3 of 3